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Frequently Asked Questions - General
If you have questions about a specific program, please enter the F.A.Q.  for the corresponding program.

Yes, technical support for all our programs is free of charge!

Is the program locked with a hardware key?
No, every user is given a program license. When you run the program for the first time, you will be prompted for an activation code. You will receive this number automatically after paying the software or by contacting RUNET via e-mail.

Is the documentation of the software included? And if it isn't included, what about the price?
Our programs are delivered electronicaly. Inside every program there is online Help available from almost every screen. The Program manual in English is included in the program, both in DOC(WORD) and PDF(Acrobat) format . There is no extra charge for the help or user manual.

Do you have an authorised dealer in Italy?

For order and information of our software you can contact:

Viale del Lavoro, 17 - 37036 San Martino Buon Albergo (VR) ITALY
Tel. 045 8781430


Via Borgovalsugana, 11  59100 Prato
+39 057425102

How can I obtain program updates, and at what cost?
Our programs are continuously updated according to new Windows environment and to the Eurocode or standards on which every program is based. For new versions you can upgrade by downloading the new version from Main menu/Update.

When a program has changed considerably, due to changes in Eurocodes or standards, or when new task are included, we will contact you. Such upgrades usually run 10-20% of the original program price.

Do I have to pay yearly maintenance fee for the program?

Do you give training courses for your programs?
No, our experience tells us that new users spend a minimum of time to understand how our programs works. If encounter any difficulties, please contact us by mail.

Do you have an authorised dealer in UK?
No, For the moment you can obtain our program from RUNET NORWAY as, in Norway. (this site)

Revised: juni 07, 2023.

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