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RUNETsoftware is developing structural design software for Civil engineers and Architects. The programs deal with both finite element and dynamic analysis and utilize CAD and CAM methods.

Our principal objective is to make efficient tools for structural design. Our goal is to give the customer software that is both easy to learn and use, and produces fast, high quality results.
Most of our products are based the design rules of the structural Eurocodes. It is, though, no requirement for our customer to have special knowledge about these standards.

RUNET was founded by Dr. Konstantinos Georgiadis and Ms.C. Greta K. Tenfjord in Greece in 1990, and a branch office was opened in Norway in 2003. The development team of RUNET has extensive experience in engineering, architecture and software development. The software is regularly updated to address advances in both engineering science and hardware compatibility.

The quality of the software, together with organized and dedicated customer support make RUNET software an excellent choice for your automated design needs.

RUNET has more than 50 000 installations worldwide. The company markets and sells its products directly through its Web site, as well as through its growing network of global resellers, retailers and electronic software distributors.



6264 Tennfjord, Norway

Phone:(+47) 4675 1102

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